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Ace Collectibles is one of the pioneer companies in the world who has a growing collection of sports memorabilia, paper currency and rare collectibles. Each and every item is a unique kind of piece and attracts various type of customers throughout the world. Ace Collectibles is more famous for its rare collection and unique findings. It has a renowned goodwill for its quality product too.

This is a well known company. Since this company is itself a brand name in the similar industry the authenticity of its products are 100%. The company has their own source of funds and knowledge which it gets through regular investigation and market research. That's because almost all the pieces of collection are unique and authentic.

They have a separate site for having a glimpse to what they have for their sports and autographed collectables. The name of the site is Sport Memorabilia Beverly Hills. The sports collectables of Ace Collectibles are also very exclusive in its own way. It gathers every piece of its collections from the authentic sports world. It has collected many sports cards, paper currencies of US and rest of the world from different clients. They have been praised for their this sort of rare collectivity. The officials of the company sit together for every major and confidential decisions and slowly implement those decisions. The company always try their level best to create a fair image in the eye of the general public. Off course one can rely on them for their honesty and sincerity.

They have a rare collection of autographed collectables too. They have some autographed jerseys, autographed bats and balls and shoes etc. One can get the pictures of rare collections of the sports collectables in the kaufman Art gallery too. There are separate collectibles vaults in this gallery. In this kaufman Art there is a large variety of rare currency and liquors. The all sorts of rare antiques are also there. Among these there are paintings, furniture and statues.

In case of sports collections, there are rare big game tickets. There are game shoes of the famous games which had been played once upon a time. Autographed helmets are also there. In the kaufman Art gallery there you can find the rare picture of Napoleon Bonaparte or Marilyn Monroe original signed art.

In Sport Memorabilia Beverly Hills gallery one can find the top selling artists also. There are also a list about the newest products. In the Ace gallery, there is a separate segment for 'top shelf liquors' in which there are world's top fine wines, whiskey or champagne etc.

Lastly, one should not forget about the autographed collectibles Beverly Hills which is a ultimate collection of rare things. These antiques are signed by the men and women who owes those things. Any common man can approach this gallery of Ace Collectables and request them to collect their unique set of things which are signed by themselves. And off course after that, they would judge the criteria and give your article a well place into their gallery.


One stop place for your all antique and unique needs

Whenever you need something unique or antique, hitting a pawn shop is the first thought that comes in your mind. Whether you want to sell something old or want to buy something that you can use to increase shine of your house or want to boast off in front your friends, an antique and rate collectible is the thing you want.

Ace rare collectible is widely popular name in this domain. They have a huge collection of rare and antique articles. Ranging from SPORTS COLLECTIBLES to AUTOGRAPHED COLLECTIBLES. ACE Collectibles. Ace rare collectibles is a company that has a consistently growing collection of sports memorabilia, paper currency (US & World), sports cards, rare collectibles, unique one of a kind pieces, and various miscellaneous finds from clients all over the world

ACE Collectibles, is well known and duly recognized in the United states and Europe for its high class reputation for quality, unique collectibles and rare finds.ACE Collectibles, has a team of professionals that have a "trained eye" and an enormous affinity for what's rare and worth adding to their unique collection.


ACE Collectibles, LLC puts our name, reputation along with 100% authenticity and collectibility guarantee on every single piece that has our name on it.

ACE Collectibles' acquisitions department has had the resources and knowledge that it requires to thoroughly research every piece that comes thru our doors, to ensure that ACE Collectibles, LLC only puts "the best of the best" out there. We explore the history, research the rarity, quantify the collectibility and arrive at a world wide value of every ACE Collectibles piece. If you have seen a piece at ACE Collectibles that you also saw somewhere else, you can be assured that they have gathered many of the same together and selected the "creme de la creme" for YOU.

Head office of this firm is situated in West Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills, California. Their user friendly website guides you with everything you need to know and also helps in finding the right object of your need. They accept payments through many modes. Many types of credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal is accepted. Ace rare collectibles offer antique and rare articles in wide price range, according to their uniqueness.

Thus it can be said that Ace rare collectibles is the one stop place for for all those who need to find something rare, unique and different. They not only deal with antiques dug from earth belonging to old human civilisations, but also modern articles like autographed cards of famous basketball player Michael Jordan, signed music CDs by Elvis and and signed book by president of United States of America, Barack Obama. They also deal in various currencies of many nations. It may interest many currency collectors that they do have a huge collection of various currency notes and coins of different time period of different countries.

Featured Collectibles

Tom Brady Perfect Season (PSA) New England Patriots 2007 50th TD

List Price: $1,299.00

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Tom Brady (Michigan) vs (Ohio State) Signed (PSA) John Cooper

List Price: $1,499.00

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Hank Aaron Rookie 1954 (His First Pinch Hit) PSA Authenticated

List Price: $1,299.00

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Peyton Manning first NFL playoff game 1999 Authenticated (PSA)

List Price: $999.00

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Patrick Mahomes Texas Bowl 4TDs Near-MINT (PSA)

List Price: $1,499.00

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# KB1

List Price: $18,450.00

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# TB1

List Price: $4,600.00

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# Mag1

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# SI2

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# WG1

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